This Drake vs Meek Beef has spilled over to their respective crews as Meek’s Wifey Nicki is not feeling how Drake is disrespecting her man.

I gotta step up and say something because this n***a Meek ain’t going hard enough. I’m about to put out my Diss track called “Drake Ate My Cake” and expose his loose booty a**. He just Jealous of Meek because I let him Eat my A** and ain’t give him none, yeah that’s right Nicki’s fingers turned to Sticky fingers. As far as our Sex Tape of him eating it like groceries, it ain’t never coming out, well as long as I’m with Meek it’s not.

“Drake really need to Shut the F*ck up and leave my boo alone, he begged me to finger F*ck him in his A** one night his freaky A** was charged up alright, says a pissed off Nicki Minaj.”


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