“He’s tall and dark skin ni**a he don’t need to be wearing neon at night I am just saying he need a stylist but won’t listen to me so I replaced his goofy a$$”, said Nicki Minaj on the set of her new video with Boy-toy-friend Meek Mill.

The new video for All Eyes on You by Meek Mill Featuring Chris Brown & Nick Minaj is not going well for the not so happy couple as Nicki has decided to pulled rank and chose to replace Meek Mill with Rapper the Game. “He just doesn’t have the Look, I mean we know he’s far from cute and he’s not in shape? He looks like a crackhead chimpanzee, I can’t afford for my image to get ruined by his outta shape a$$, he’s got to go!”
A close source that was on set says “His ass look goofy as f*ck, them sneakers look beat up he don’t look comfortable the look is all wrong for this song that fool is on the beach with a bad b*tch looking like the help”.


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