“Now I know why they call it a 360 record deal because they a** fu** you all the way around” now they got me sleeping in my Honda Civic begging for change”

Said Cincinnati rapper Jookey Jukes.

No Vaseline Records a label out of Ohio structured a deal where they get 100% of all Jukes publishing, tour money, merchandise, and take 75% of everything that he earns for 6 albums.

Label CEO “Raypin uslowson” released a statement:

“We had baby from cash money put together all our contracts and he sold 100 million records worldwide, only a fool wouldn’t sign with us, we learned from the best in this business”

Jookey Jukes is not taking this lying down he says they lured him in by telling him how fire his mixtape was. He plans to file a lawsuit against the label claiming he signed the contract while under heavy stress and just wanted to get out the hood.

“I should have got the hint when they gave me a G-Shock watch & a pair of retro 11’s as a signing bonus, I should have just got me an 8 Ball & hit the block, I rather risk prison than be a slave to these culture vultures”


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