We rock each diamond as if it represents a milestone in our lives, instead of investing in the experiences that expand our minds.

It’s as if we have completely forgotten about the things that make us truly happy.
The moral code of our society is being reshaped right before our eyes, and everything we stand for is slipping out from underneath our feet.

We have succumbed to the pressure of big businesses forcing their power onto us, and people have become lifeless consumers, waiting for the next trend to hit stores.

What’s worse is we are being consumed as we consume. People are addicted to social media like drugs, itching for it the moment they roll out of bed.

The people who sit around our dinner tables are becoming strangers, as the distant lives of acquaintances illuminate our pixelated screens.

We no longer see the faces in front of us because we’re focused on a new source of instant gratification.

I believe there is the same fire burning underneath each of us, a passion that drives us all to inspire and envision the world together.

I still believe we are capable of breaking free from the things that prevent the human experience from being something shared in person and not just online.

When did “likes” become more important than love?

The worst thing that can happen in life is a lack of love. And the essence of love has been depleted in value and twisted into a commercially sold product.

We no longer appreciate how beautiful love can be, as it’s been clouded by a world that is promoting thick thighs, and thigh gaps, and how closely you can get to Kylie Jenner’s lips.

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