With Pokémon Sun and Moon out this November, we’re finally getting to see more of the games including its new Pokémon.

As Sun and Moon is set on the Alola islands, a Pokémon version of Hawaii, various older Pokémon types now have Alola variants. Probably the craziest of these is Exeggutor, which changes into something akin to palm tree (shown above).

In addition to these updated Pokémon we also have all new types as well (shown in the video below), these are quite varied but also tie into the Alola region, as they are native to it.

Following all the new Pokémon, the game will also support Z Moves, which are more powerful types of attacks, and the ability to ride certain Pokémon to traverse the Alola islands more readily.

There will also be Island Challenges, where the player will have to complete certain tasks before facing off against Totem Pokémon. These are powerful versions of other Pokémon and they can call in for reinforcements.

After the massive success of Pokémon GO, I am happy to see that the core game series is still being supported. Without the original games, Pokémon GO wouldn’t be the runaway hit it has been.


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