There’s hardly a bigger name in modern entertainment than the Kardashian’s. The family has built a multi-million dollar enterprise, but it all started with a nearly forgotten sex tape starring Kim Kardashian and the ultimately forgotten R&B artist Ray J. While the tape might have launched Kardashian into stardom, it never really did much for the has been artist.

Now, Ray J is suing the family for half of their wealth claiming that they could have never done it without him.
Ray J said in a recent interview:

“I just see Kim and her family making all this cash, and I think to myself there’s no way they could have done this without Ray J. I mean, without her sex tape, there would be no Kardashians. I’m just trying to keep up with them. I think Ray J is owed a little piece of that pie. I mean, you know, more than what Kim gave me, if you know what I’m saying.”


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