Los Angeles, CA- Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett, creators of the educational T.V show Sesame Street, just announced that there will be a full movie version of the long running T.V series. “Casting and Production is complete and we are excited to announce a release date next week” said Cooney.

Many well known Hollywood actors & actresses have been chosen to be a part of this film. However, the directors went far south east of California and decided to choose William “Rick Ross” Roberts to play cookie monster.

“It only makes sense” said Morrisett “there will be a lot of cookies on set and we need someone who doesn’t mind eating 300 cookies per day to get the scenes complete.” Morrisett’s also said his mind was made up after he saw how Ross looked in the blue Velour suit at the Hip Hop Awards.

We are told that Ross is excited about this role and is in the studio with Meek Mill working on a song for the sound track. “I think Im Big Bird, Cookie Monster.. Eating Cookies… Hallelujah…”


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