Safaree Samuels worms his way into the news today as he makes a statement to a reporter on a video shoot, for his alleged friend Taylor Swift, about his ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj’s new boyfriend Meek Mil. He said, “I take shits that look better than Meek Mil. There ain’tno way Nicki’s happy.” It was at this time that SafareeSamuels was removed from the set by security as it was revealed that he was actually not authorized to be in the studio as neither the pop star, the director, or theA&R had no idea who Safaree Samuels was supposed to be.

Safaree also expressed his discontent about being banned from the red carpet at the 2015 BET Awards stating that, “Nicki and Mil had me blackballed from the awards.” When asked why Samuels was banned from the awards show, BET Awards director Ashley Carver simply asked, “who is Safaree Samuels? We don’t just let anyone on the red carpet. They usually have to be celebrities.”


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