1. Saying good bye to your friends and knowing that you probably wouldn’t be talking to any of them until tomorrow, because nobody had cell phones and it was kind of definitely great. Other than some light AIM chatting, you were free to spend the evening decompressing.

2. Racing into your pantry to get first-pick of the delicious snacks waiting for you: Gushers, Fun Dip, Fruit Rollups, Oreos, Danimals, etc. That incredible list would go on and on.

3. And choosing a drink to go with it – Capri Sun, Hi-C, Surge, Yoo-hoo, or anything else that could eventually lead to Diabetes.

4. Staring at the TV Guide channel for five minutes while you ate your snack, trying to figure out what you wanted to watch – because On Demand, Netflix, and the magical “guide” button on remote controls did not yet exist.

5. And then screaming in misery when your little sibling distracted you, causing you to miss the line ups for the next few hours on Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and ABC Family.

6. Eventually giving up on the TV Guide channel and just watchingTRL instead. Because maybe, just maybe, they would show 30 seconds of the “Say My Name” music video today.

7. Racing to get all your homework done so that you could do whatever you wanted all evening, even if that just meant sitting in front of the tv for hours – watching Boy Meets World and thenSister, Sister and then Even Stevens and then Lizzie McGuire and then That’s So Raven. 

8. And, when your realized you forgot a couple worksheets at school, getting out the phone book and calling all of your friends to see if any of them could fax it to you.

9. Not knowing the answers to some of your homework questions, and actually having to look them up in your textbook, because Google was still a young, naive baby.

10. And sometimes getting desperate enough to Ask Jeeves. Even though Jeeves was a total jabroni.

11. Having company in the form of Clippy from Microsoft Word while you wrote a 5 paragraph essay on your “favorite summer memory.”

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