The Georgia Sea World Aquarium in Atlanta has sparkemotion this morning, by announcing laying off their chief veterinary, Dr. Monica Alvis, accused of having sexual encounters with one of the institution’s marine mammals.

According to public relations manager Audrey Delfoy, Dr. Alvis was caught in the act, by another employee last Friday, having complete sexual encounters with a 9-year-old male walrus. Dr. Alvis would of then allegedly admitted having a total of 7 encounters with the 1700kg marine animal.
“We hold a zero tolerance policy against sexual crimes and abuse towards the animals of the aquarium,” says Miss Delfoy. “We cannot ignore an act of this nature. Dr. Alvis assumed very important responsibilities in this establishment, and replacing her will be very hard, but sleeping with a walrus is highly unethical and totally unacceptable. It’s a breach of trust and we find no other solution but to fire her.”


Dr. Alvis still hasn’t commented on her lay off and refuses to meet with journalists. But some of her relatives claim she’s been going through a rough time since a recent breakup that occurred in February and that her actions could possibly mean a “cry for help”. No criminal accusations has been filed against the 35-year-old woman, but police confirm that an investigation has been opened and that she could face accusations of zoophilia and bestiality.


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