While Marion “Suge” Knight might not be a stranger to prison, a murder charge, even a second-degree charge, could land Knight in the pen for the duration of his natural life. Luckily, the man behind Death Row won’t have anything to worry about as it’s been made official that Suge Knight has been granted immunity.

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Why would the prosecution grant him immunity? Well, it turns out that Knight is a bastion of information regarding the knowledge of various high-profile crimes including the murders of Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace aka Notorious Big.
Unsurprising to anyone familiar with the Rampart Scandal, representatives from the LAPD have already stated that “if Knight is required transportation anywhere for witness protection, we’ve got a squad ready to take him to a nice, safe wasteland in Nevada.”

Suge Knight released a statement saying:

“It’s not about snitches & rats it’s about staying in jail or going home, which side are you on?”


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