Recently, many conspiracy theorists have begun to speculate that the Illuminati might in fact be cloning famous celebrities for the purpose of controlling them. After all, no one is more influential in brainwashing the masses than the stars of the pop and hip-hop music of today. The clones enable the Illuminati to kill a pop star or hip-hop star anytime they choose to speak out against them. One such rapper that spoke out against the Illuminati was Tupac Shakur.

As a result, the Illuminati in league with their underling Suge Knight shot Tupac in Las Vegas on September 7, 1996 as part of an assassination attempt. Shakur would die four days six days later on September 13, 1996. For whatever reason, the Illuminati never activated Tupac’s clones although some suspect that both Ja Rule and Fifty Cents were failed experiments. Others claimed that the rapper Blac Haze was another devious scheme by the Illuminati.

Now, reports have emerged that one of the Illuminati clones of Tupac has escaped from the cryogenic labs buried miles deep beneath the confines of the Illuminati’s BET headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The clone, who the press is calling 3Pac, is believed to be somewhere roaming the streets of Atlanta. This picture is the only known picture of 3pac at current time. If you happen to come into contact with the clone, please do not attempt to get his autograph or take a selfie with him as he is believed to be very confused and afraid believing the year to still be 1996 and UNLV still a thing.


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