The Serial Killer Triva Game takes stores by storm after thousands of young, alienated white men awkwardly stagger to the toy sections of local Wal-Mart superstores avoiding as much eye contact as possible.

It’s a familiar scene to watch as they pull their black hoods over their heads presumably pretending to be the Angel of Death himself as they pull the box from the shelf as a concerned mother grabs her young child and scurries away in fear.

Before they check out with their most prized possession(except for possibly the bag of teeth they wear around their neck), they pick up several boxes of macaroni and cheese as well as a moderately priced six-pack of toilet paper.

They predominantly check out with a clerk using a check to pay for their items while not saying knowing exactly the kind of psychological torment they’re inflicting upon their victims.

They’re usually ignored by police officers once the officers realize they are Caucasians underneath those black hoodies.


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