Last Wednesday, a woman walked into a Griffin, GA SmartStyle Hair Salon at her local Walmart to have her hair trimmed into Amber Rose’s iconic, shaved-head hairdo. Despite the $40 she paid for the new style, the woman was shocked to find that her hair had instead been dyed blue with only the back of her head shaved.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was turned to face the mirror and my jaw just dropped. I showed the stylist a picture on my phone,” says the woman, Shaquana Washington.

We met with the hair stylist in question, who claimed that the woman never showed her a picture of the hairstyle in question and instead asked for, “‘the strangest hair you can give me.’”
Following the incident, the woman proceeded to sue the hair salon on charges of emotional distress, based on her claim of “emotional damage and unwanted stares,” and is seeking $10,000 in damages. The hearing is expected to take place later in the month.


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