image“I walked in the women restroom and seen a tall black woman with long hair, leggings and heels standing up and using the restroom like a man. She turned around and scared me with her face full of piercings,tattoos and mascara.” The 26 year old witness said about rapper young thug, moments after the 23 year old rapper was arrested.”

Late Friday evening, in Atlanta’s PF Chang Restaurant rapper young thug was arrested for using the women’s restroom.

“I usually sit down when I pee, but the toilet was dirty. I was minding my own business, using the rest room and some lady comes in screaming. She acts like she never seen a rapper with dreads, jewelry and a g-string before.” Said Young Thug as he was escorted to a Fulton County Jail.

“They have special stalls for the handicapped but nowhere for people like me to pee in peace. Wheres the justice?”
imageSince rising to fame, Atlanta rapper Young thug has been raising eyebrows with his feminine choice of fashion and actions. But his street music and Cash money/Rich gang affiliation seems to overshadow thugger’s feminine behavior. People still aren’t sure what gender or sexuality Mr. Thug is.

“We asked him to leave the restroom several times, but he just continued to apply lipstick and make kissy faces in the mirror. Until we had to escort him out”, said one of the arresting officers

“Stupid cops tried to put hands on me. Don’t let the skirts, panties and girl sandals fool you. Its gonna take more than one cop to arrest me. My name is Young thug for a reason.”

This has turned into a major ordeal for Atlanta police. Now, not only are the going to have an issue with gay men using women’s restrooms, they still have to figure out which gender jail to put Young Thug in.CONTINUE READING


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