Young Thug continues to flood social media with puzzling posts which insinuate that he is gay. That Atlanta rapper posted a shocking video on Instagram, which showed him kissing Birdman on the cheek and calling him his “lover.”

“Me and my lover dripping!!!! Like always!!!,” Thug wrote on his post.

Young Thug often posts photographs and videos with guys, in which he refers to them as baby, lover, and other pet names. While some believe he does it merely for shock value, others believe the rapper is in fact a homosexual.
Earlier this year, Young Thug did an interview with Complex and spoke about wearing dresses from the little girl’s department. In the interview, Thug explained that dresses on men were the new “in” thing, and others were copying his style.

But now it has been revealed that Young Thug has been able to convince his Bae Birdman to start cross dressing to let everyone know they are really about that “Lifestyle”

Bryan “Birdman” Williams release a statement saying “They been known how me and Tangy get down, I’m in my Caitlyn Jenner bag and that’s how we rockin, if anybody gotta problem with me rocking these tight spandex pants, silk blouses or dresses and unisex Gucci loafers just know that yo bitch like it tho…one hunnit, Rich gang.”


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