The word “shame” apparently does not exist in Young Thug‘s vocabulary … because dude has NONE!

The “Gangstalicious” rapper sent fans in an uproar over a recent video he posted on his Instagram account that had been deleted.

In the video … Thugger says that he’s “on that Hugh Hefler sh*t,” and if he ever got a long prison sentence, he would get breast implants so that he can do his time with “hoes” and have “fun.”

In his own words:

“Aye I’m on that Hugh Hefler shit, man. If I was to ever have to go sit down for 20 to 25 years, the time they let you sit at home with your family, I’m bound to go get my motherfuckin breasts did. I’m bound to get my titties did so I can do my 25 years with hoes. And have me some fun, man, I don’t get tired, Kevin Gates voice.”

Thugger also stated in a jailhouse interview:

“I Feel right at home in Jail with all my Bae’s, Dey Know I Like it from the Front”, I be moving from cell to cell getting my back blown out, prison don’t affect my lifestyle”


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