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Controversial RichGang artist Young Thug is in the news once again for speaking his mind. Now if your unfamiliar with wrestling and the WWE formerly WWF Goldust was a homosexual wrestler. Now young is telling the world they are hypocrites.

“Everybody and they mama got something to say about the Thug, whether it’s Weezy stealing my style or haters mad at our homolingo. “When I was growing up my favorite wrestler was Goldust, Nobody had a problem with him being Gay so why they Hatin on me?
Then thugger went on to say “Don’t nobody want no problems with me they know I got the whole LGBT on my back. I’m the Black Goldust”.
A source close to the Lifestyle rapper says they are in talks with the WWE to have Young Thug appear alongside Goldust at Wrestlemania in a tag team match.CONTINUE READING  Subscribe at for the latest in Shocking News Daily.


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