“You gone always be my Bae for life Birdman, I Miss having you inside me” said the Thuggalicious Rapper.

He then released this Tweet to his Number 1 Stunna Baby…
Who knows what Young Thug is. He has/had a girlfriend/finance and now he’s hollering at a dude. He is speaking to his first love Birdman, as they recently had a parting of ways. Thugger wants that old thing back and doesn’t care if the world knows it.

Birdman responded but later deleted the tweet saying:

“My love for lil whodie is better than it was with Weezy, you know you the only one that complete my “Lifestyle”

They have plans to announce to the world that they are a couple on episode 6 of Empire’s Season 2 because they know the whole LGBT will be watching. YIKES!!


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