Southern rap superstar Young Thug has slowly been becoming one of the biggest names in hip-hop, but now he has reached in that Bruce Jenner bag and the 22-year-old Atlanta native has revealed that he is also slowly transitioning into becoming a female. The news came after one of his mentors Birdman told him he should “do what he feels is right.”

The young rapper finally revealed his long-time desire to be a woman in a sit-down interview with a local Atlanta station. Young Thug had this to say:
“I’ve been Young Thug for so long, but the more I see people standing up and coming out, I’ve decided that it’s time to reveal to my fans who I really am…”Tangy Thug”. She’s sassy, bold, and has so much ‘Eww.’ If you think Young Thug is bringing it, then you’re going to love what Tangy Thug is bringing I will be raps first and only Thug Queen”.


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